Core Values

Genuine Care

We care about everything we do. We care about the quality of our work. We care about our clients’ success. We care about our team members. This is not just a job, it’s who we are and we take it personally. We don’t see our clients’ challenges or requests as problems, but opportunities to make a difference.


Comradery is defined as “the spirit of friendship and community in a group that keeps each other up despite the difficulty of the circumstances.” At LeanSEM having a spirit of comradery is essential because we believe business is a team sport. When we learn a better way to do something, we share it. When we don’t understand something or feel stuck, we ask for help. When someone goes on vacation or has a life event, we make sure they don’t have to worry about work. In the end, we want to help each other have a life we can enjoy and be proud of.


When we say we are going to do something, we do it and we do it well. Our clients’ trust us because we run their campaigns as if we were spending our own money. We always look out for what’s best for their business but sometimes that means recognizing that someone else has a better idea or admitting we made a mistake. That’s real ownership.

Continual Improvement

We work in a competitive field where change is the only constant. To keep up, we are constantly asking ourselves “why is this working / not working?” and “is there something new I haven’t tried?”. We love learning about new features or strategies and figuring out the best way to test them for our clients. That’s how we keep our competitive edge.


It’s about doing a quality job in the least amount of time possible. That’s one of the reasons our clients love us. But it’s also about knowing how to communicate and in many cases that’s as simple as being responsive. No one likes to feel ignored or forgotten. Being responsive shows other people that you respect and care about them. An immediate and thoughtful action fosters relationships of trust and respect. That’s one of the key differences between us and a typical agency. By having a sense of urgency, what we really offer is the peace of mind that we’ve got their back.