Core Values

Impact Addict


You love growth problems so much they wake you up in the middle of the night with “AHA” moments. Deep down you know that if anyone can figure it out, it’s you. You understand what value is and how to deliver it again and again. You get a rush from being the one responsible for getting results.

Genuine Care


You never leave a stone unturned. You see your work as a reflection of you and your integrity is important to you. You seek to understand others and their problems so you can find a way to help! You double and triple check your work and make sure neither money nor time is wasted.



You are accountable for your successes and failures and learn from both to be better. You’re able to see what needs to be done and do it. You are a fast learner because you’re genuinely interested. You see problems as opportunities. A client’s problems motivate you to get results.



You see business as a team sport. You proactively find ways to help everyone you interact with; internally or externally. You are generous with your knowledge and don’t withhold information. You believe that raising the bar for everyone, only makes you better.

Sense of Urgency


You don’t put things off till tomorrow, you respond as fast as humanly possible. You know how to recognize and prioritize the most impactful opportunities first. You know that quality work speeds up the process in the long run. You respond quickly and to the point.