Case Studies

Increased conversions by 201% with a 28% lower CPA in 5 months.

Homebase, an employee management software looking to scale for long-term growth in the most efficient way possible. After nailing down tracking and running controlled bid strategy experiments, they progressed every month in either volume, CPA or both. In 5 months, we increased conversions by 201% with a 28% lower CPA. After that 5 months, their new goal became to scale 50% MoM. We surpassed that goal and achieved 63% more conversions with only a 32% increase in CPA.


“LeanSEM managed our SEM and mobile app campaigns. They are very responsive to feedback and focused on driving performance. They were able to scale up our performance by implementing performance driven A/B tests.”

William Esdaile, VP of Marketing at Homebase


Increased MQLs by 39% while lowering the cost per MQL by 29% in just 2 months.


Arquivei, a Brazilian finance tool that automatically downloads tax forms from the Brazilian finance department and stores them for companies, came to LeanSEM after advertising on Google for 2 years. With new competition on the horizon and feeling like they were hitting a ceiling, they needed a new strategy for increasing the number of MQLs while lowering the cost per MQL. The key was optimizing based on actual purchase numbers that were pulled from back-end data and stitching it to Adwords. We built a hyper granular structure so we could track the performance down to the search query level and gain total control over how the budget was spent. We grew the MQLs by 39% and lowered the cost per MQL by 29% in just 2 months and have continued to help them grow MoM for the last 2.5 years.


“LeamSEM is an essential part of our fast growth; the whole team focused on bringing their “A” game to every strategy that we brought to the table. They are obsessed with metrics, optimizations, and strategy for campaigns. They lead us to the best results during our growth stage and make sure our unit economics are healthy. It’s been a pleasure to be a client and a long-term partner.”

Christian de Cico, CEO & Founder at Arquivei


Grew their business from a 4 to 6 digit budget per month, profitably!


Front, a collaborative inbox for teams, came to LeanSEM when they were ready to invest in Google ads but knew they didn’t have the manpower or experience to do it right out of the gate. In the first six months, we took them from zero to hero by;  connecting the strategic goals of the company with the performance goals, setting up granular back-end tracking to see results at the query level, and building highly customizable landing pages catered to each keyword theme and user persona. We grew their account from a 4 to 6 digit budget per month, profitably!


LeanSEM has been instrumental in launching, expanding & optimizing our PPC campaigns. They optimize our campaigns daily, dive into the details while coming up with experiments and tests to capture new opportunities. They’re professional, efficient and effective.


Cyril Gantzer, Data Analyst & Growth at FrontApp


Reduced the CPA in 1/2 and increased the volume of clients 2x in 2 months., a remote work marketplace, started developing their PPC in-house. They had a Cost Per Acquisition of $250. In 2 months we reduced the CPA in half and doubled the volume of clients. After 1 year the CPA decreased to $60 which allowed them to take 50% of their original budget and redistribute it to other marketing channels.


LeanSEM’s dedication and constant support make them truly feel like an extension of our company. LeanSEM has been a key player in our company’s success and I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Elina Cadouri, COO at


Increased sales by 187% in 28 days., a handcrafted flower delivery service, came from a well-known agency in the Bay Area with a tall order. They had to increase sales by 50%, yesterday. 28 days later we increased sales by 187% while keeping their Cost Per Acquisition flat.


LeanSEM is an exceptional partner. They are extremely hard-working, analytical, and creative. Within a few weeks, we saw significant improvements. Overall our CPA dropped dramatically. Highly recommend.

Seth Lasser, VP Marketing & CMO at BloomThat


Increased conversions by more than 33% while lowering spend by 31% – cutting the CPA by 48% in 3 months


Tulip, a cremation service on a mission to reinvent the funeral experience by making it possible to arrange a cremation online or over the phone came to LeanSEM with the assumption that there is limited potential for growth from Google Ads. By restructuring the account and testing new messaging, we achieved overall growth of 33% more conversions with 31% lower spend – cutting the CPA by 48% in 3 months