Become a World-class Google Expert

We believe that people around the world are created equal, but opportunities are not. LeanSEM exists to bridge that gap for ambitious and talented Macedonians. 

LeanSEM is a digital ad agency working with US companies that spend anywhere between $30,000-$1,000,000 per month on PPC. We offer an “in-house” like service and expert management, earning our clients’ trust through proactive communication and the results we get for them.  

As a Google Premier Partner for over 4 years, we have fine-tuned our coaching into what we call a mentorship for success. We’re not bosses who tell you what to do, we are mentors coaching you on how to be successful on your own. Your mentor will guide you through monthly evaluations and will create a custom plan for your growth based on how you’re progressing. We’ve developed this approach because we want you to become a world-class marketer as fast as possible. And we’ll reward you immediately along the way as you get results and show you’re able to manage accounts successfully. 

We invest 10x more time and money than any MK marketing agency to grow you into a world-class marketer so we are very picky about who we add to the team. We only want to work with A-players who are excited about building the business with us for the long term. 

You must be a critical thinker and a core value fit, which simply put means:

  • You genuinely care and take pride in your work. 
  • You are a team player who welcomes feedback. 
  • You own your sh*t, both the good and the bad
  • You are naturally curious, and yearn for knowledge and continual improvement
  • You have a sense of urgency and do what it takes to get the job done as fast as possible. 

Regardless if you are a seasoned marketer or changing careers, you’ll be retrained to understand our approach and methodology. Here is an overview of the journey ahead of you.

In the first 2 months you will have a limited contract as a Specialist where we introduce you to our methodology on:

  • Keywords
  • Ads
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Building campaign structures

Assuming everything goes well in the first 2 months, we’ll promote you to a Manager role with an unlimited contract and a boost in salary. Your salary is directly correlated to your abilities, so as soon as you progress, your salary will too.

As a Manager, your mentor will coach you on:

  • Finding growth opportunities on an ongoing basis
  • Understanding the clients’ goals and delivering results or insights as fast as possible
  • Time management and prioritization skills. 
  • Making your communication with the clients concise and to the point (slack / email / follow ups)

After 10-15 months you should be able to execute all the management tasks perfectly and start coming up with strategies. You should be able to grow your client’s business independently and deliver on the LeanSEM’s promise to clients. When that moment comes, you’ll be promoted to a Sr. Manager. 

As a Sr. Manager your mentor will help you to become a strategic planner. We want all of our people to become Sr. Managers and we hope some of those will grow to become Directors and mentor a team of their own. If you are really, really good, you’ll become a partner in the real sense of the word and own a % of the company. It is really up to you!

If you have what it takes to be part of a “dream team” of performance marketers,

apply today! 

Apply by sending your CV and motivational letter to
Subject: Become a Google Expert

* 1-2 years of any office experience required