Digital Marketing Lead

“We believe that people around the world are created equal, but opportunities are not.
LeanSEM exists to bridge that gap for ambitious and talented Macedonians.”

Ready to be a Digital Marketing Leader?

Our clients expect us to advise and guide them every day. To be successful at LeanSEM, we’ve found you need to be 100% aligned with these 5 core values:

  1. Impact Addict: You love growth problems so much they wake you up in the middle of the night with “AHA” moments. Deep down you know that if anyone can figure it out, it’s you. 
  2. Genuine Care: You never leave a stone unturned. You see your work as a reflection of you and your integrity is important to you.
  3. Ownership: You are accountable for your successes and failures and learn from both to be better.
  4. Comradery: You proactively find ways to help everyone you interact with; internally or externally. You see business as a team sport.
  5. Sense of Urgency: You don’t put things off till tomorrow, you respond as fast as humanly possible.

You should be a self-starter and have the ability to create strong long-term relationships, advocate for our client’s success, and discover new mutually beneficial business opportunities with your clients.

 If you are truly passionate about digital marketing, we want to meet you.

What you’ll do

  • You’ll be the trusted advisor and advocate for Silicon Valley clients
  • You’ll be creating the PPC strategy and will be accountable for its execution
  • You’ll clearly communicate the challenges, wins, and next steps for client growth

What you bring to the table 

  • You have a dual-minded approach; you’re highly creative but can also be process-driven, think scale, and rely on data to make decisions.
  • Excellent listening, presentation, and collaboration skills in English.
  • Love for technology and business

Job benefits

  • We invest 10x more time and money in YOU than any MK marketing agency or as a freelancer so you can become a world-class marketer
  • You will join an A-player only culture, we don’t hire B-players
  • Work with account reps from Google, Facebook, and Linkedin
  • Get fast growth and recognition including large performance bonuses
  • Be eligible for trips to Silicon Valley, California
  • Friday Team Training sessions with company-sponsored lunches

Who we are

We’re on a mission to be better than any in-house PPC team. We are a team of A-players currently managing more than 2 million in Google, Facebook, and Instagram and our goal is to manage more than a billion USD. We are looking for the next LeanPPC superstar, who is ready to learn more, faster than anywhere else in Skopje. This is your chance to grow your career working with world-class marketing professionals in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. We are very picky about who we add to the team because our business is providing true value that creates winning results.

Apply by sending your CV and motivational letter to Subject: Digital Marketing Leader

* 2 years of marketing experience preferred