LeanSEM Google Crash Course

Crash-Course Mission:   Find potential PPC superstars, hire and coach them!


About the Crash Course:

This is the only Case-based Learning Course for Google Ads in Macedonia. Everything you’ll learn in the course will be taken from real client scenarios with yearly budgets that exceed $1M.

This Crash Course is designed to answer the following questions:

  • How do you build and manage successful Google Search Campaigns that deliver results and insights? 
  • What does it take to be an extraordinary performance marketer? 
  • Is this career the right one for you?

Who is the Crash Course for?

This crash course is perfect for both beginners and advanced marketers who are passionate about marketing and are looking to build a career in Digital Marketing at LeanSEM.

You should apply for the crash course if:

  1. You want to be hired by LeanSEM
  2. You’re ready to become a world-class digital marketer 
  3. You’re ambitious and want to earn a 4 digit salary in $ in Macedonia

How does the LeanSEM Crash Course work? 

The LeanSEM Crash Course is the first step to getting hired at LeanSEM. There are only 10 spots available because we want to dedicate quality time and get to know each attendee personally. Applicants will be selected via a phone interview. We’ll be looking for people who are a core-fit and want to help us grow LeanSEM. We are not looking for 8 am – 4 pm type of employees who only want to do what they are told to do. 

Start Date:                         April (TBD) 
Duration:                           3 weeks – Mondays & Fridays from 17:30 – 19:30
Includes:                            12 hrs of class time | approx. 8-10 hrs of homework
Cost:                                    3900 denars (money is refunded to those that are hired)
What you will learn:        To create & manage paid campaigns on Google Ads

You are responsible for providing your own laptop.


Part one: Creating a Strong Foundation to Build on

Class: 2 hours
Homework: 2 hours 

  • What is Google Ads and how does it work?
  • How to set up your Performance Marketing Campaigns for success.
  • Become familiar with Search Campaign Structures.
  • Basic understanding of the main KPIs in Google Ads.

Part two: Keywords and Ads

Class: 4 hours 
Homework: 2 hours  

Taking theory and putting it into practice!

  1. Understanding your client, their competition, and customers
  2. Structure your campaigns like a Pro; keywords, ad groups, bidding, & marketing funnels
  3. How to write killer Ads

Part three: Reporting & Day-to-Day Management

Class: 5 hours 
Homework: 2 hours      

Your campaigns are structured perfectly, now what…

  1. Excel at Excel
  2. Discover insights and opportunities using reports

Part four: Your chance to show us what you learned!

1-hour presentation (2 days to prepare at home)

The last class is basically your job interview. It’s your chance to present what you learned and get hired by LeanSEM. By this time, you’ve had the opportunity to work on real-life clients and should know everything you need to create effective PPC ads on the Google Ads network. 

Who will be coaching you?

  • Account Director Gabriela Lazova 
  • Account Director Andrej Vangelski
  • Creative Manager Ivana Janevska
  • Account Manager Mihaela Rajkovska
  • Account Manager Ivana Mitevska 

More about us:

  • 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing
  • Worked with 40+ clients from the Silicon Valley, Brazil, Canada and Singapore
  • Managed over $20M of Google Ads budget
  • 20% of the Crash Course attendees got hired at LeanSEM

How to apply:

Send your CV to careers@leansem.com with “Google Crash Course” in the Subject line and answer the following questions:

    1. Why do you think you will be good at digital marketing?
    2. Why LeanSEM?

We call potential candidates for a phone interview to select our next students!
Only 10 students will be selected to maintain the quality of the training.

We reserve the right to adjust the agenda up until and throughout the crash course. We also reserve the right to reject any application.