LeanSEM Google Ads Academy

Academy mission:

Find potential PPC superstars, coach and hire them.

Who is the Academy for?

LeanSEM is opening the gates to how we do SEM for Silicon Valley companies. We have created this Academy because what we do is very unique in Macedonia. For that reason, we are inviting all beginners and advanced marketers in Macedonia to apply.

To celebrate LeanSEM’s 4 year anniversary AND our 4th Google Ads academy, we’re offering a full scholarship to the 5 lucky candidates selected! We are looking for raw marketing and analytical talent. This is your chance to see what it takes to have a career in digital marketing in competitive markets and see performance marketing at work.

How does the LeanSEM Academy work?

The Academy will be offered every couple of months when we have 5 strong candidates ready to start. This is your chance to win a spot on the team. Completing the Academy and getting hired is your first step to a great career at LeanSEM. Before your first day as an employee at LeanSEM, you will be introduced to our culture and mindset. You’ll get coached on our core values as well as the day to day operations. This is where you will see what accountabilities, milestones, and goals need to be met to move up the career path from PPC Specialist to PPC Director and beyond. We encourage everyone to drive their own career development and we make sure you have all the necessary tools, material, and help to get there as soon as possible.

Hard to believe?

Read Igor’s journey form Academy attendee to Paid Social Manager in just 2 months!

This Academy is for you if…

  1. You want to be hired by LeanSEM
  2. You’re passionate about digital marketing.
  3. You’re ready to reach your potential and be recognized.
  4. You want to have a strategic career plan structured and personalized just for you.
  5. Want to work hard and get to 4 digit salary even though you live in MK.
  6. Feel and live the Silicon Valley mindset and culture.

Duration                         3 weeks
Includes                          2 hrs of class time | approx. 8-10 hrs of homework
Cost                                  FREE – 4 year anniversary scholarship!
What you will learn      To create & manage SEM campaigns on your own


Part one- Digital Marketing & Google Ads Fundamentals
Part two- Google Ads Practical Knowledge
Part three- Reporting & Day to Day Management

You are responsible for providing your own laptop.


Part I – Week I
One day- 2 hours class and 2 hours given homework

Basic overview of pay-per-click advertising with Google Ads, the industry-leading PPC platform.

  • Explore how Google Ads works.
  • Learn how to set up a new Google Ads account and understand the Ad Ranking formula.
  • Get to know the client you will work on, what their product or service is, what their main value propositions are, who the competition is, and define your goals.

Part II –  Week II    
Two days- 4 hours class and 2 hours given homework  

Ok, now it’s time to practice the knowledge that you’ve gained!

  • Intro to Google Ads platform, targeting, search term report, ad groups, keywords, and understanding match types.
  • Messaging concepts and how to write ads for Google Ads.

Part III – Week III
Two days- 6 hours and 4 hours given homework

Reporting & Day to Day Management      

  • Why and how to use Excel for PPC; Pivot Tables and Vlookups
  • Optimization, reporting, and budgeting
  • Aligning your goals and your strategy

The last class is your chance to interview for a career at LeanSEM. You’ll be asked to present a final task that will showcase everything you’ve learned. 

Everyone attending will receive real-life experience in SEM and get a glimpse into how it’s done for big companies. We will also print you a certificate for your own records.

Who will share this knowledge with you:

  • Co-founder and CEO Nenad Molerovic;
  • Account Director Gabriela Lazova
  • Account Director Andrej Vangelski

They’ve been developing SEM campaigns for Silicon Valley clients like MasterClass, Homebase, BloomThat, Carta and many more.  LeanSEM has created a reputation based on expertise and personalized service by going the extra mile for our clients. We are a team of passionate and driven individuals who believe the only way to get better is to share our knowledge and continue pushing each other to be the best we can be.

How to apply:

  • Send your CV to careers@leansem.com with the answers on the following questions:
    1. Why do you think you are or will be good at digital marketing?
    2. Why LeanSEM?
  • Be ready for a phone interview to get selected as one of the 5 students!

We reserve the right to choose or reject your application for the Academy!